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We are learning experts for informal, interdisciplinary training and promote creative and innovative learning culture in companies.

Hack Your Mind

Rethink and Redesign

Breaking out of your own routine and changing your perspective requires overcoming old thought patterns and habits.

By Re-combining and Un-learning familiar point of view, new connections can be formed. Blockades are e.g. replaced by alternatives in order to start creative and innovative processes (Meta-competence).

Development and change in companies requires this ability to act – SWEET BLUE LEMON supports on this way! Without pre-chewed learning content and rigid guidelines, the focus is on implementation and experience.

Our learning processes are unconventional, inspiring and surprising, and designed for practical use at work (Competence in Time).

Unlearn Faster



Focus on trainer
Role of trainer is expert
Agenda set
Knowledge based
Fixed learning locations
Understand & apply content
More IQ [information quotient]



Focus on student
Role of trainer is coach
Agenda dynamic
Competency based
Learning environments
Practice and test skills
More EQ [experience quotient]



Focus on process
All are trainers & coaches
Open theme pool
Anywhere, informally, continuously
Experience & develop new skills
More MQ [motivation quotient]


Unlearning faster and adapting to new conditions – more knowledge does not automatically mean better action – situational solutions need the right mix of courage and spontaneity, a focus on what is really important and the will to get it done.

Education is becoming more digital and decentralized. In addition to the classic institutions in qualification, new forms of innovation, learning and research are emerging.

Knowledge online, available almost indefinitely, requires a considered handling of information and the transfer to personal competence. Adaptation in professional practice is essential in order to be able to manage new situations and areas of competence, again and again.

Digitization is changing faster and faster and overwhelms us in many areas of the application. Knowledge cannot simply be copied into our everyday work with bits and bytes. Necessary learning processes need space for experience, trial and error and interaction.

Next to the Metaverse, SWEET BLUE LEMON places a sharper focus on the added value of live experiences. Our learning formats have a common goal: Real encounter, authentic perception and self-confidence.

“Almost all creativity requires purposeful play.” – Abraham Maslow

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